About Me

julie tickle

Hi!  I'm Julie Tickle, a photographer and web designer located in Whitefish, MT.  Born and raised near balmy Buffalo, New York, my childhood was full of outdoor adventures in all seasons and weather conditions.  Over the past ten+ years I've managed to work my way across the country.  I spent a handful of years in Colorado and San Diego.  My thirst to live life to the fullest led me to live on the road for two years. Whitefish was only a temporary stop for an epic winter of skiing and riding. Like many similar stories I’ve heard around town, it quickly turned into home.

My love of photography and design sprouted from a desire to capture and share unique experiences with friends and family. Although separated by many miles, it has been a great way to stay connected.  Along the same line, I've met incredible individuals and businesses with stories and products that should be shared.  I truly enjoy helping others showcase their passions. 

Some of my favorite things:

  • Baked goods

  • Animals of all shapes and sizes

  • Exploring new places on foot, by bike, or board

  • Meeting new people

  • Dancing in my socks

  • 'Friends' Tv show



Located Currently:

Whitefish, Montana


      Instagram:   @jtphoto.design